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Our packages and other extras

Structurally our lofts are constructed with the same materials. we use FSC approved appropriate strength pressure treated timber to construct the shell. We use celotex or kingspan insulation to assure you stay nice and cosy. We use British Gypsum bonding and finishing to complete the walls. Our steel come from our local warehouse Rainham Steel who have an esteemed reputation within the industry. Where possible we support local building merchants in an effort to keep our CO2 footprint to a minimum

While the structural elements of all our lofts are very similar to each other, what sets them apart is the finishing, fittings & furnishing. To provide you with the best value we have curated a selection of finishings, fittings and furnishing to best suit your budget.  

Our Value Bundle

Our value bundle is the most economical of all our range and is suited if you are seeking to create a stunning living space on a budget. This is our most poplar bundle and favourite with interior design and DIY ethusiasts as well asBuy to Let Landlords looking to create extra room giving them excellent return on investment. 

Our value bundle is as follow:

  • Each room is fittied with

    • 2 x power double plug sockets

    • 1 fluorescence tube light

  • Floor is fished to standard softwood floorboards

  • All Double glazed windows and doors areof white uPVC

  • Walls are fished in magnolia and ceilings in white. No lining paper.

  • All wood work including doors glossed in white or clear varnish.  

  • Door handles & all other fittings are chosen from our value range

Our Premium options

Please vivit our showroom to discover premium and designer options to craft your living spoace to be as unique as you are yourself. Click HERE to start your dscovery

Our professional and talented team is ready to work with you on your upcoming project. Contact us today!

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