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Converting your loft into a beautiful living space is a fantastic way to transform your void space into something perfect for your family’s needs. It can add up to 40% more space to your home, increasing the value of your property as well as offering a superb solution to a growing family.
We are experts in creating bespoke designs with superb finishings and pride ourselves on quality workmanship. We create sustainable solutions that fit your lifestyle and revitalize your home. With our experienced team, innovative process and exceptional customer aftercare you can be sure that you are in the best hands.



This conversion is one of the more popular types. While the Dormer does project out of the pitch of the roof, this conversion does not involve extensive changes so the process for this kind of loft conversion is often allowed as permitted development.

The cost will vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, fixtures, and fittings. The cost of our value dormer loft conversion starts at around £30k.



This conversion is only suitable for houses the are detached, semi-detached or end of terrace with the  appropriate layout that has a hipped roof. Gable conversions involve changing the ‘hip’ to a ‘gable’ by adding an extension onto the top corner of the roof,

The cost of our "value" Gable loft conversion starts at around £36k but the actual cost of this type of work will vary depending on size, complexity and final fixtures and fittings



This conversion provides the most space, but often require planning permission because of the extreme changes to the roof. The conversion involves changing the shape of the roof; rather than having 3 sides making a triangle cross-section, a large projection is created with a back wall that changes the cross section of the roof to a 4-sided shape.
The cost of our "value" mansard loft conversion begins at around £40k



This conversion takes its name from the rooflights installed as part of the conversion. This is the fastest and often the cheapest loft conversion type since there are no extensive changes. This conversion also rarely requires planning permission as changes to the external structure of the house are very subtle.
The cost of our "value"  Velux Loft Conversion starts at £28k.

Prices are subject to final quotation and depend on the size, complexity and final fixtures and fittings. Loft conversions can take as little as 8 weeks (excluding design and permissions), although the type of conversion determines the duration of the loft conversion, for instance, whether you require planning permission, how quickly party wall agreements are reached and whether you require plumbing or other additions to your conversion.
Get in touch today for us to send you one of our surveyors for a site inspection for us to provide you with a quote.

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